The Hook Norton Brewery was started over 150 years ago by farmer and maltster John Harris. Today it is run by his great great grandson James Clarke. John Harris’ brewery has now achieved a reputation he could have never imagined and the beer it produces today is enjoyed not only in the UK but in many other countries.

The Hook Norton Brewery produces a fabulous range of award winning real ales and bottled beers. Everything about Hook Norton beers is a bit special and indeed different. To make our real ale requires the art, craft and skill of the brewer, the finest raw materials and water drawn from deep wells beneath our North Oxfordshire Brewery


Hook Norton Brewery is proud to be an independent family-run UK brewery. Our aim is to maintain traditional brewing methods and to make traditional ales. Our beers are very much a natural product; and the brewery puts a lot of effort into the whole brewing process to maintain highest possible standards in brewing.